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Counselling - Time for You! 

Counselling provides dedicated time in a confidential, respectful, and non-judgemental space for you to think about yourself and explore how you might make changes that could improve your life in a way that is meaningful to you.

A Little About Me: 

My name is Éilís (pronounced “Ale-eesh”) and I am a BACP accredited counsellor, also qualified as an online therapist.

I am based in Belfast, Co. Antrim, from where I offer online and telephone counselling to individual adults, including young adults (18 – 25 years) and older adults.

Having counselled in various settings with clients from all walks of life since 2004, I continue to hear how important it is for clients to have someone really listen to their unique experience of challenges they have lived through or are dealing with. For this reason, I work in an integrative way so that I can adapt my approach to best fit you and what you need from the counselling process.

The Therapy Modalities I Work With: 

Integrative, Person-centred, Solution-focused brief therapy, Neuro linguistic programming (NLP), Existential & Life coaching.

I also draw on ‘Polyvagal Theory,’ developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, which supports gaining a better understanding of how our autonomic nervous system works (the autonomic nervous system’s primary role is in service of our safety and survival). This can help bring more awareness to those times when we may feel overly stressed or anxious to help us better regulate ourselves, physiologically and emotionally, so that we may adopt a more proportionate response to what we are experiencing.

​Initially trained as person-centred counsellor, keeping you and what is important to you at the centre of what we discuss is what my integrative approach is based on.

My previous training in bereavement and loss continues to inform how I support people, in exploring how healing, personal wellness, and growth can be achieved as we go through significant life changes:

  • job loss,
  • relationship breakdown,
  • life stage transition,
  • health issues,
  • absent friendships,
  • reduced self-esteem,
  • end of a valued role once held,
  • loss of confidence.

Other Issues I Help With: 

Abuse, anxiety, bereavement, depression, health related issues, life coaching, loneliness, menopause, men's issues, personal development, post-traumatic stress, redundancy, self-esteem, sexual orientation, stress, trauma, women's issues, work related issues.

Coming for Counselling -The First Step. 

If you decide you would like to come for counselling with me, after you contact me, I will send you a copy of my Counselling Agreement,along with some supplementary counselling forms which will give you a better understanding of my counselling service and having your counselling sessions online.

Having the forms in advance of starting counselling gives you more time to reflect on the information before starting counselling and will allow more time in your first session for you to talk about what is going on for you.