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Hi my name is Lisa and I am an Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapist based in Co. Westmeath.

I am an experienced and accredited, Therapist with a lot of empathy and passion for helping people and working collaboratively with them to explore who they are, what is going on for them in their lives and working with any challenges they may be currently facing.

I believe my clients know themselves best and I provide a client-led, safe, non-judgemental and encouraging space for you to gain clarity and understanding and create safe boundaries that empower you to live your life with greater self-awareness, self-acceptance and autonomy.

My approach to therapy has an emphasis on understanding human experiences and focusing on my clients as a whole person rather than solely on your symptoms, I believe we have the capacity for self-awareness and choice.

I really value the individual uniqueness of my clients and through working in partnership with you I integrate approaches that best suit your needs, desires and goals for therapy.

We are more than just our thoughts; we are whole people and through utilising relational and mind and body techniques I encourage connection within ourselves. We are constantly trying to mould and fit ourselves into external environments which I believe creates disconnection and increases stress in everyday life. By exploring internally within ourselves and identifying our feelings and strengths, whilst listening to our desires and needs we build a relationship with ourselves and move towards making our environments safe and secure in order to live more fulfilling and content lives.

I have experience working with many issues including but not limited to: Self -exploration, anxiety, stress, depression, neurodiversity, relationships, parenthood, postnatal depression and grief and loss.