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Hello, I'm Mark and I offer a mindfulness-based approach to psychotherapy and counselling. Originally from Dublin I've lived abroad for many years, and been in clinical practice since 2014 in Devon, England. I have an MA in mindfulness-based Psychotherapy from Middlesex University London and the Karuna Institute, and I’m accredited by the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). Alongside my work, I am a father and husband. In my spare time I write, and am passionate about learning and knowledge that empowers psycho-emotional awareness and spiritual growth.


At the heart of my approach to psychotherapy is my belief that life is ultimately about growth. And it’s usually painful or difficult experiences that offer us the most potential for growth. Many people come to psychotherapy because of something painful or overwhelming happening now, or coming up from the past. In my own personal journey that was certainly the case for me. What I found in the process however was psychotherapy offers a way of enquiring into life that can become a tremendous source of well-being, joy and growth. Befriending our pains enough to look at them, while learning how to heal from them, can be profoundly rewarding. We go down and in, so that we can grow up and out.

My work is very influenced by Buddhist psychology and mindfulness practice. Put simply, my focus is on how we continually recreate ourselves (and our past) in the present moment. I help you bring awareness to these mind-body processes that are always whirling away in the background. And of course because how we are now depends so much on our past, I also place a lot of value on understanding our past –  particularly our early life. For this I draw on various western psychodynamic traditions that have done fantastic work in studying how our personalities develop.

Above all I believe lasting positive change must be rooted in the body. So in this sense I’m also a body-based therapist. Everything I offer therapeutically is designed to cultivate your own body-mind intelligence and intuitive awareness. This naturally fosters a greater sense of integrity, self-other boundary, and clarity in life and relationships.

You may wish to work with me in an open-ended way, allowing issues and clarity to emerge as you go; or you might have a really pressing issue in your life that you want to be the central focus over a specific number of sessions – either is fine.

I have extensive experience working with a wide variety of people – from 18 to 80, with all sorts of life backgrounds, and issues. You might be struggling with a relationship, sudden loss, addiction, trauma, damaging or compulsive behaviours, a crisis of identity, or some kind of impasse in life – whatever it is, I offer you a warm welcome and a confidential space to heal, find insight and grow.


Professional Accreditations

Accredited member of Humanistic & Integrative College (UK Council for Psychotherapy)



MA in Core Process Psychotherapy (Middlesex University)

Diploma in Relational Mindfulness (Karuna Institute)

BA (Hons) in Philosophy (Trinity College)