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Pauline is a Counsellor/Psychotherapist (BA) (IACP) practicing since 2008 and has loved working in this field. She has worked for a number of non-profit organisations as well as her own private practice.

Pauline has a DIP. in Counselling Supervision and Cert. in Health Promotion in the Workplace. Before this she worked in the business world having obtained a Business Degree, but did not find the work fulfilling. The day Pauline started classes in psychotherapy she knew she had found what she was looking for and has never looked back. Pauline has specialised in the field of suicide bereavement and has been working for Pieta for the last number of years as a “Suicide Bereavement Liaison Officer”. While doing this work Pauline put a compilation of her experience together and published a book called “The 25 Most Commonly Asked Questions by the Suicide Bereaved”. A very simple read for anyone who had experienced loss through suicide. Also, Pauline has trained in the work of the RCNI (Rape Crisis Network of Ireland) for the last 11 years and has worked closely with victims of child /adult sexual abuse in the field of trauma.
Besides Pauline’s particular areas of suicide and sexual abuse work, she works with couples or individuals who present with stress, anxiety, depression, anger, relationship issues, self-harm, eating disorders, and addiction issues as well as other mental health issues.
Pauline’s method of therapy varies depending on the work that is presented. This can range from CBT to a Solution-Focused approach. But she feels the most fundamental is the “person-centred” approach. With this in the room the relationship between client and counsellor can develop leaving a very safe and non-judgemental space for the client or couple.
Pauline finds this work very rewarding and feels she has truly found her purpose. Her style of work comes from the heart with warmth, kindness and compassion. She is so grateful to have the privilege to be able to go through the process of talking to others and working through human problems in a positive way. Counselling work brings about the awareness of clarifying what the issues are, explore what options can be sought and develop ways to come through these issues. By the end of the counselling process, seeing people changing their lives for the better is the most rewarding.


Anxiety/Stress: We all have normal anxiety and stress. When it starts effecting your life it becomes more than that. It is the most common issue clients are presenting with. Because Pauline works with these issues on a daily basis, she can help. CBT and Person-Centred.


Relationships: Clients ask “How can I save my relationship?” or “Is it too late to save my relationship? With years of experience working with couples, by taking the first step of reaching out for help there is always HOPE.


Grief/Loss:  Pauline has worked with all kinds of loss but specialised in suicide grief. With the knowledge and experience over the years, she has written a book on this topic called “The 25 Most Commonly Asked Questions by the Suicide Bereaved”.


Trauma: Since 2008 she has been working with trauma clients. The best results she has found is Trauma-Focused Therapy. This type of therapy recognises and emphasises understanding of how negative experience impacts a child/adult’s mental, behavioural, emotional, physical well-being.


Anger Management: If you have anger issues, therapy can certainly help. Pauline can teach the necessary skills to manage these overwhelming emotions. Underlying emotions that causes these emotions would need to be addressed and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) has had the most positive results.


Depression: One in four people suffer from Depression. So, you are not alone. In her years of working with clients, Pauline has used different types of therapies. Some examples are Behaviour, Cognitive, Humanistic and Holistic depending what works best for the client.


Domestic Abuse: The most common abuses are Physical, Emotional, Psychological and Sexual. Domestic abuse is very prevalent. Pauline works with the “Wheel System” in addressing this power and control imbalance in the relationship and it has proven to be very effective.


Eating and Body Issues: Working with clients who present with these issues have ranged from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa. These thoughts and beliefs that are associated with food, weight, body shape and appearance are managed very effectively with CBT and IPT (Interpersonal Therapy).