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I am 13 years qualified as a professional psychologist. I am a member of The Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) and originally studied and trained in my home country of Argentina. As such I have had the benefit of being able to give therapy both in English and in Spanish as my native language.

Over the course of my professional career, through vast and varied experience I have learnt that therapy is an invaluable tool. It is a tool which can accompany us on our journeys through life, one which all people should have the right to access and experience when the moment arrives in their lives. One does not need to have experienced serious trauma or to have suffered any severe emotional upheaval to benefit from therapy. This is because the objective of therapy is quite simply to facilitate betterment in our lives.

My background is based in several different strands of therapy. My primary work is based in cognitive behavioural therapies and mindfulness, which support and accelerate the process of reaching therapeutic goals. I am a specialist in EMDR, a transformative treatment which addresses and transforms thinking patterns in response to experiences of adversity, directly impacting and improving the present.

I utilize virtual reality (VR) as a technique to accompany and support my practice, believing that technology can be a powerful medium which can benefit and transform therapy. Virtual reality can be tremendously effective in confronting many phobias and anxieties and, in a similar manner; it can be a potent tool in the practice of mindfulness and relaxation techniques. In order to facilitate this form of therapy, clients will be sent a simple virtual reality headset with their first session. The session can then be led through an application readily available on Smartphones by which the conditions of the virtual reality can be managed and controlled during our therapy session.

Therapy may at times show us our darker side but it teaches us show how to live with this reality, offering us the possibility to grow as human beings and treating matters of mental health with the respect and importance they deserve. It is this conviction that drives my work, the desire to understand every person with whom I work- their cultures, their values and their reality. I am here to walk with you in this process with this simple and profound goal- for you to feel better within yourself.

I look forward to working with you.

Ana Griselda