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Wherever you are, we are, since 2011.
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"Online counselling allows you to connect with yourself and others regardless of where you are in the world."

Proudly established in 2011 by Mary McHugh and Donijka Monk, the award winning Irish Online Counselling & Psychotherapy Service combines the ethical foundations of counselling and psychotherapy, with the accessibility of online communication, to bring you a safe and user-friendly online counselling service.

We offer you the ability to establish a deep relationship between you and your therapist, all through the medium of instant messaging, telephone and Zoom.

We also deliver recorded meditations, and live stream content through our Facebook page, where you can also interact with our therapists and ask questions about mental health, or how online counselling works.

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The Irish Online Counselling & Psychotherapy Service has won multiple awards from various organisations, including Network Mayo, Network Ireland and JCI Ireland. Mary has appeared on television and has contributed to the Irish Times, The Irish Independent, The Daily Mail, Woman’s Way, and The Herald, amongst others.

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A Professional Approach

Our level of high quality training allows us to provide you with a professional, ethical, boundaried and confidential counselling and psychotherapy service wherever you may be, emotionally or geographically. If you are currently facing the challenges of anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts or feelings, life stage crises, or want to deepen your personal development; the Irish Online Counselling and Psychotherapy Service can provide you with a safe space where you can work on these areas in depth, through a deepening, trusting, non-judgemental and empowering relationship.

I was the last person in the world , to think that I needed Counselling. It was by far the greatest gift, I have given to myself, putting myself first for the first time in my life, having some worth and belief, and liking myself, learning to say no where appropriate. Also if I had picked somebody from my County, I wouldn't have been able to open up, Confidentially was upmost.


I would not be getting the help if it was not for Counselling Online. Counselling online has changed my life.

Paul STralee

From the moment I made contact here, I have been supported and given a safe place to talk about all that is going on in my life. I cannot recommend these highly enough.

Sara LLondon

I work in Germany and my partner lives in Sligo, we have been able to work through a really tough time for us in our relationship. This for us has been super. Counselling online for us as a couple really worked. We were able to choose a time that suited us and a therapist was assigned. It has worked out way better than we could imagine.

Isobel RSligo

This has been home from home for me. I have been living in New York for 20 years. Its been great to have someone who gets you and its been a breath of fresh air for me. I feel so much better in myself and am able to deal with my day to day things. Forever grateful.

Mary DBrooklyn

Take a risk, this will change your life. We all need someone to listen to us. I am so thankful every day that I took the risk. I have more energy than I ever had, my confidence is much better and I feel so much freer.

Pat BDublin

For years I have put this off, never had the time but knew I needed it. Counselling online gave me that flexibility. I picked a time that works for me. I do not have to travel. It really is one of the best inventions of modern time!


I love the motto "Wherever You Are, We are". That it; its that simple. For me it was, and they were.

Emily WWaterford

Empowering Your Mind & Life

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