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Zoom Counselling

Both the client and therapist are visible to each other.

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Online Counselling using Zoom

Video call sessions, as with the other two types of session take place through Zoom. Sessions begin when the client rings through with video link to their Irish Online Counselling and Psychotherapy Service therapist’s Zoom account.

This session differs from the other two in that both the client and therapist are visible to each other. This can be very important for some people who want that visual connection, but for whatever reason, are unable to access traditional face to face counselling support. Where typing pace and style and content are the focus of instant chat sessions and voice, tone and speed are the focus of telephone sessions, in the video sessions both people have access to the additional tool of seeing body language, facial expressions etc. in addition to the feedback associated with hearing. For some people, seeing who they are working with is as important for them as being seen themselves, and is an important aspect of connection and relationship.

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