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Hi, I’m Anthony. I am a qualified Psychotherapist and Counsellor working with Irish Online Counselling Service and in my own private practice. I am also an Artist.


I am Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist working in a person-centred style. This means that I listen deeply and respect a person’s own intuition, strengths, insights and life experiences. I provide a safe, confidential and welcoming listening space, where we can work
together in collaboration to explore and resolve the areas in your life where you are experiencing pain, are struggling, stuck or otherwise challenged and desire change.

In working together you will come to a better understanding of your own motivations, emotions and behaviours; where they have originated from, and how to let go of the things which do not serve you any longer. You will also find a gentle and safe space in which to unpack and explore any difficult or traumatic life experiences, giving them light and air, and space and time, allowing them to heal. I believe in kindness, empathy, openness, creativity, and that everybody has the capacity to tap into their own unique inner resources to find ways to move forward and grow.

I work with a variety of different issues such as:
Bereavement & Other Forms of Loss
Resolving Traumatic Experiences
Physical, Emotional & Sexual Abuse
Feelings of Guilt & Shame
Low Self Esteem
Feelings of Stuckness & Self Doubt
Suicidal Thoughts
Self-Reflection & Growth

No matter what the nature of your struggle or experience, working with me you will always find a warm, safe, friendly, kind and welcoming listening space in which to unfold, explore and resolve the issues at hand.