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“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves” Viktor E. Frankl

Hi I’m Caroline.  I have had the privilege of 20 years as a Founder and past CEO of a Mental Health and Suicide Prevention organisation which evolved from passionate, persistence, unequivocal belief, anger, commitment and love which lead to the formation and creation of ground breaking and unique Programmes which thousands of people have had access to. This meant following my truth and being authentic in relation to change even when this meant not fitting in, being constantly challenged, being left on the outskirts but also holding the essence of change in a society.

I was awarded Social Entrepreneur and was encouraged and supported to bring about change and challenge the services and systems in relation to suicide prevention and mental health. I have worked in all areas   Psychotherapist, Group Facilitator, Tutor for Maynooth University, Advanced WRAP facilitator and Mental Health Advocate.  I did it because I truly cared.

My work is in transpersonal leadership, collaboration, partnership, therapy, facilitation, meditation, campaigning and business.

Specialties: Psychotherapist meeting a person where they are at, group facilitator, Chief Executive Officer  Mental Health Advocate (Amnesty International 5 years) Advanced WRAP facilitator, Expert by Experience

I am strong, calm, passionate, compassionate and my wisdom comes from a life lived where I know I am the author. I am led by my gut and instinct as this allows for creativity and is instinctual.  I am solution focused and know the solution lies within the problem.  I explore how I can manifest what I desire and still maintain the sacredness of life.  I know that I cannot create without a desire in life.    I see “green shoots” in the darkest of places and know that living to my highest potential is a decision.

I have an extraordinary deep insight and wisdom that embraces human beings as blended beings.

I have chosen to change my relationship with fear, having watched someone so close to me do so in their lives and now that is my promise to them and me.

Everyone has something to teach us and we have something to teach everyone.    I know each and every one of us have a purpose in life.  People throughout history who have influenced me in my life are human beings who have aligned themselves first with their spiritual side and second with themselves.  They didn’t limit themselves to their five senses only.

I wholeheartedly belief in passing on our learning, knowledge and experiences to one another as our ancestors did.  I am the co-creator of my life just like everyone else, I have like others an inner knowing of who I am and what I intend to do.    Each and every one of our stories are still in the making.  Change in human life is inevitable, harness it!

I have a strong conviction of my intentions and a knowing that it is not necessary to focus on proving my intentions to others, rather living them.  I work with over 18s and individual counselling.