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MA Integrative Psychotherapy
Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling

                                                                                                     HCPC Registered 


Hello! My name is Faye and I am a fully qualified Integrative Psychotherapist and an Arts Therapist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

My approach is relational, humanistic, creative and client led, meaning that we will always work at the pace that feels most comfortable for you. I prioritise building a safe, warm, compassionate, and non-judgemental relationship to support the expression of any complex, painful feelings and experiences that may be holding you back in your life and relationships.  Through offering you the opportunity to connect deeply and experience being truly heard and accepted in our therapeutic relationship, I aim to facilitate your journey towards greater awareness, self-understanding, authenticity, flexibility, and healing.

As an integrative psychotherapist, I adapt my way of working according to your concerns and unique personality, drawing upon and integrating a range of psychotherapeutic models and techniques to help us make sense of your past and present feelings and struggles together, and (re)discover your inner strengths, resourcefulness and creativity so that you may begin to live a more fulfilling life.  If it feels useful, this may also include the integration of some gentle mind-body based techniques which can help you better identify and understand your emotional triggers alongside a variety of simple self-regulation strategies to help you safely move through those moments when life feels particularly challenging or overwhelming.

A Creative Approach:

“It is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self” – D.W. Winnicott

It is both my belief and my experience that we are all born with innate wisdom, creativity and the inner resources to live fulfilling lives, but that the effects of developmental, traumatic, abusive or disruptive relationships and difficult life experiences tend to make us doubt our potential and lose sight of our own needs, desires and self-worth.   Often we can’t find the words to articulate how we are really feeling or, conversely, sometimes our head is too full of words and we find ourselves getting stuck in repetitive thinking.  As a registered and experienced arts therapist, I have witnessed time and again how drawing upon our creativity and imagination within the safety of the therapeutic relationship can be a powerful way to ‘shift’ our perspectives or feelings of stuckness, tap into our intuition, bring about new insights and process traumas and strong emotions in a safe and contained way.  Using creativity is not only an empowering way to discover aspects of ourselves that may have been hidden away or outside of our conscious awareness, but also provides an additional way to help you ground and process what you are going through, to look at it in different ways and to start to make sense of it all.

As a client, absolutely no experience or training in the arts is necessary, no special equipment is required and there is no such thing as ‘getting it wrong’.  Clients are never required to do anything that feels uncomfortable.

There is no obligation whatsoever to work more creatively in our therapy sessions, however; just talking, exploring, and reflecting on your situation and feelings whilst being present together in sessions is always absolutely fine and can be highly beneficial too.


My Experience:

As an Integrative Psychotherapist and Arts Therapist, I have clinical experience working with clients and groups across both the charity sector and the NHS Mental Health in-patient services in London.  In addition to private practice, I currently work part-time in a third sector organisation providing long-term individual psychotherapy to clients with complex trauma and enduring mental health difficulties.

I have experience of working with a broad client base – including many people struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, sexual abuse, relationship difficulties, neurodiversity, and addiction as well as survivors of serious childhood trauma and abuse.  Other people may initially seek therapy due to simply feeling a sense of general dissatisfaction or low motivation with the intention of seeking out new ways of being or better coping with everyday life challenges.

Prior to qualifying as a psychotherapist, I worked for 19 years in the inner-city Further Education sector where I specialised in providing individual tailored support to adolescents and adults presenting with a vast range of neurodiverse ways of experiencing the world and the processing of information such as ASD and ADHD and dyslexia, as well as well as various physical impairments and social, emotional and mental health challenges.  I therefore have extensive knowledge, experience and deep empathy regarding the additional pressures and obstacles that such difficulties can bring for all the family when additional needs are not fully understood or met by mainstream society.

I understand from personal experience how daunting it can be to start therapy and begin to look at aspects of yourself and your experiences which you may not have explored or spoken about before.  I would therefore like to assure you that we will work at your pace, that I will always respect your choices and decisions and that I will endeavour to make you feel as comfortable and at ease as possible.

I would be happy to connect with you wherever you are right now in your personal journey.

I am based in the UK and registered as an Arts Psychotherapist with the HCPC.  I am also a trainee member of the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy), as well as a member of BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists).