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“Welcome one, welcome all”   Fintan O’Toole.

My name is Katie-Anne and I am a qualified holistic counsellor and psychotherapist and a member of the IACP.

My journey into therapy work began in my Social Care role. I realised that although this work was of a caring nature it did not reach the root cause of discomforts for my clients.

I knew that I was looking to find more answers and in turn I was looking to find myself too.

I have always known that we as humans are inherently good.

And I have a desire to share this with others, to empower them to know that they are not flawed or unlovable and to know that they deserve to take their space in this world.

I encourage this through the relationship that we form which offers a sense of holding and connection. I also work with self compassion, core beliefs, and through acceptance of ourselves in all of our forms.

As a therapist my approach will be mainly holistic. This means our journey together will consist of us being in the “room” simply existing as one human to another and all that this brings with it.

I also practice a combination of theoretical approaches including CBT, Compassion focused, Psycho-dynamic or Gestalt. This allows space for expansion, creativity and personal development for clients.

I inform my clients that this work may be challenging and at times uncomfortable. And that by working with this, bringing self-awareness  and exploring their resilience toolboxes that this uneasiness will soften. This will encourage their nervous system to regulate, creating a sense of safety within the body.

We are all unique so my work will differ with each client in order to encourage their reflection, their individuality and their sense of wellness and reconnection to themselves.

I would describe myself as approachable, non-judgemental, sensitive, honest, nurturing, supportive, practical and understanding which I believe are some necessary attributes to encourage clients to become comfortable with their own healing, growth, transformation and flourishment in order to enhance wellness.

For the past seven years I have been working specifically with loss and bereavement, problem gambling and matresence.

Many of the clients I have met with have come with issues such as loss and bereavement, anxiety, addiction, depression, loss of self, matresence, stress, transitioning, relationships, childhood issues, trauma or different types of emotional distress.

My qualifications are:
-Professional Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy.
-Professional Certificate in Recognising and Responding to Problem Gambling.
-Honours degree in Social Care.