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Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” Brene Brown

My name is Marsha and I am a fully qualified and accredited IACP approved therapist
and have been practising since 2018. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Counselling and Psychotherapy
from the Institute of Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy (IICP). I have a medical backround
and it was in my journey that I realised we as people need space and time to deal with issues and
problems that come up for us day to day and also more often greater challenges that occur
throughout our lives.

This began my journey on this path with this want, hope and drive to help others. I am primarily
holistic and humanistic in my approach to counselling which allows for connection and balance of
both the mind and the body. I believe where one is affected the other is also. I also practice
cognitive behavioural therapy and provide a blended approach to apply various therapies to
encourage growth and change. This is individually explored and tailored to your unique needs. The
journey together is a collaborative effort with focus on your life aspirations and goals.

I would describe myself as a genuine, caring and empathetic person who is dedicated to creating a
therapeutic space of healing for you to explore your issues in a safe environment. I do believe that it
is this safe place that allows for personal understanding and change from increased self-awareness
and mindfulness.

It’s this environment and connection that provides the time and space to wonder about yourself and
the benefit of personal exploration. I seek to work with you, to appreciate and build on your
strengths and hope to enable you to access the knowledge to improve your wellbeing and self-care.
I encourage you to be curious and wonder about your relationships, struggles and dreams within a
framework of creative thinking and emotional safety.

I believe in the therapeutic process and the power of this connection changing lives. The space to
promote healing and the great benefit of personal exploration with someone who is non judgemental
and actively listens can lead to such wonderful transformation of being. It is my hope that your
work in therapy will provide a greater understanding to the motivations behind your behaviours and
feelings to provide meaning in your life. I believe that through psychotherapy you can develop
skills for healthier relationships, enhance creativity and experience the feeling of being truly seen
and heard.

We will build boundaries and safeguard yourself care and support healthy relationships in your
life. We will add to your toolbox, exploring coping skills, ways in which to help support you and
provide you with a more productive life balance.

I am available for short- or long-term therapy, as well as solution focused work. I have experience
working with adults and adolescences aged 16-60 presenting with issues including anxiety, depression, suicide
ideation, trauma, low self-esteem, stress, addiction, loss & bereavement, couples counselling and
chronic illness