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Mike is an accredited counsellor with a diploma in therapeutic and in online counselling with proven experience in both areas. He believes that the flexibility and convenience of online counselling can make it an easier platform for people to access help and support, without compromising on the benefits.


At the heart of his philosophy is that the client knows best how to come through their difficulties and his counselling style reflects this. He is committed to delivering client-centred support that gradually empowers individuals and enables them to make informed decision. He offers an empathic, confidential, non-judgmental environment for the client to explore any difficulties that they are facing.

He has worked in a doctor’s surgery, a cancer support centre and a children and young persons' bereavement charity, so has experienced a wide, cross section of people and their difficulties. He has worked with depression, anxiety, anger management, bereavement, relationship issues, stress, suicide, life transition and Narcissist Personality Disorder. He also has particular expertise in working with men and youths and has a deep understanding of the difficulties that they face in modern day society.

He is passionate about wanting to help people live better lives and believes people can make the changes that they want to if they are willing to put the desired work in to achieve this.


Mike has had a lot of experience working with those affected by the pandemic - i.e. working from home, isolation and living on own, or living in a different country from your family.

Men’s Mental Health
Mike has worked a lot with men and difficulties that men face in the modern world and what it means to be a man in 2021 - i.e. work, family, relationships, identity, pornography, drug and alcohol etc.

Mike has worked for many years for a bereavement charity and is aware of the different stages of grief and has lots of experience and training in supporting people through their own bereavement journey.

A lot of work that Mike does focuses on relationships in some shape or form. For example, marriages, relationships with your boss and colleagues, relationships with children, relationships with friends.

Narcissist Personality Disorder
Mike has had personal and professional experience with this matter and is aware of the personality traits that a Narcissist has, and the destruction that is left behind.

Depression is a common mental health issue with a lot of people suffering from this issue at one point or another in their life time. A lot of people that Mike has worked with have depression and he is aware of ways of helping them.

There is a lot of anxiety around at the moment and again Mike has worked a lot with this mental health issue.

Stress can be normal and a certain amount of it is good for us. Long term or prolonged periods of stress, however, can cause health problems.

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