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A Day At The Lake


May I be happy.

May I be well.

May I find peace…

These are the words I am saying

Over and over I offer them,

Every day I’m giving this secret gift –

Whispering  innocent,  lovely blessings,

Filling my heart and world

With true, selfless wonderful love –

For my grandchild, my husband,

My daughter, my son, my mother-

My friend, my co-worker –

A homeless man on the corner.

But for myself,

I feel nothing –

It’s only words.

I cannot reach myself…

May I be happy.

May I be well.

May I find peace….

Every day I follow your voice

Your lovely voice

Filled with love and kindness,

Loaded with passion

Teaching this blessing

Creating the ripple

Spoken with an earnest  heart –

A guided meditation to share love

In a hurting world

To teach me

How to pass on a blessing

To others

To a stranger

To someone a bit annoying…

To the world –

To myself…

It is so easy to close my eyes

Listen to your voice

Follow your guide –

Blessing others?

So natural.

Blessing a stranger?

Again, easy.

Blessing an annoying person in my life?

Not so hard.

Blessing the whole world?

So wonderfully fulfilling –

Blessing myself?

It’s just words.

Day by day I follow your guide

I repeat after you

May they be happy.

May they be well.

May they find peace….

I bless everyone.

I bless the world –

I cannot, with a feeling of love; bless myself.

Sitting by a beautiful lake

The crisp morning air brings


Yet I see the ducks playing in the water –

I bless the ducks.

The Birds are singing in the trees –

I bless the birds.

My husband heads out on the dock to fish –

I bless my husband.

My heart is growing in the gifting of love…

A little girl is riding a bike and her mom is walking near her

I hear her mother say, “Quit dicking around, If you want to ride your bike come on”…

My heart full of love breaks.

The little girl looks so sad.

I want to slap the mom

And comfort that little girl…but all I know how to do is bless them –

Both of them.

May you be happy, little girl.

May you be well, little girl.

May you find peace, little girl.

I don’t want to bless that mean mom…

but do I really know her?

Do I know what has made her lash out today?

Does she need to go to work in an hour?

Is she really pissed off at her boyfriend?

Is she sick?

Did she not sleep?

Is she broke?

Is she scared?

My heart softens…just a little

and I offer her a blessing.

May you be happy, young mother.

May you be well young, mother.

May you find peace ,young mother.

It is my turn now..

This time I put my hand on my heart I rub it a little…

Then I pat it along with my words.

May I be happy –

Tears well up in my eyes as I pat my heart

They slide easily down my cheeks.

May I be well –

While I gently pat my heart and say the blessing

My body softly shakes, the tears flow like a river

And I keep patting my heart….

May I find peace –

I rest my patting hand on my heart and just hold it there…

My other arm wraps around my front

And  holds me close…

I whisper the blessing

and I cry…

May I find peace. May I find peace. May I find peace.

May I find peace.

…And I feel such unrelenting love –

For my husband

For the ducks and the birds

For the mean young mom

And the very sad little girl –

And finally,

for me……



This post was written by Leianna Funderburgh during the Summer of 2020, after Leianna followed Mary’s loving kindness meditations daily for about two months.